Other Links

40 Plus Sports
A site designed to encourage, inform, and entertain those who are contemplating arising from their couches and competing; or those who are already deeply committed to sports competition; or those who are somewhere in between -- the sometime weekend warrior. 

55/60+ Bike Racing News
Check our what John McKee is up to as he follows the 55+ bike crowd around.

Drug Watch
Drugwatch.com is updated constantly with new information about research breakthroughs, clinical trials, recalls, and warnings from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We do our best to make consumers aware of the risks of certain medications and medical devices, to give them a better chance for quality of life, especially for the elderly.  

National Senior Women's Basketball Association
The NSWBA was established to foster the growth of senior women's basketball nationwide.  We accomplish this exciting mission numerous ways, including:

  • Supporting the trailblazing leagues and teams that have already formed
  • Making it easier for new leagues to form
  • Increasing national media attention
  • Providing our sponsors and advertisers exceptional partnership opportunities
  • Building the foundation to support the anticipated explosive growth of the sport.

St. George Lodging and Tourism Association
St. George is the tourist hub of southern Utah, well known for its year-round golf, scenic red-rock landscapes, and favorable weather. The St. George area features nine golf courses where colorful sandstone envelops green fairways, which is sure to make your round memorable.