The Huntsman World Senior Games is governed by a Board of Trustees. Day-to-day operations are managed by a staff of full and part-time employees. John H. Morgan, Jr., is the founder and President of the Games.
Board of Trustees
John H. Morgan, Jr., President
John B. Romney, Vice President
Douglas Labrum, Vice President
Wayne Evans, Secretary/Treasurer
Josh Bevins
Kyle Case
Nancy Colarossi
Mona Given
Steve Heiner
Dick Nemelka
Dick Nourse
Kathie Thayne
John Wunderli 
Board of Trustees Emeritus
Floyd Cooper
Stan Darger
Jake Garn
Neil Papiano

Administrative Staff
Kyle Case, Chief Executive Officer
Derek Campbell, Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operations Officer
J. "Rosey" Rosander, Director of Sports
Jeff Harding, Director of Operations
Andy Groft, Director of Sponsor Relations
Jan Bunker, Office Manager
Bonnie Kabey, Office Assistant, Part-time
Bonnie Mower, Office Assistant, Part-time
Judie Pesznecker, Office Assistant, Part-time
Anilee Bundy, Office Assistant, Part-time

Special Appointments
Dewei Tang, Official Ambassador to China
Judy Higbee, Director of Age Management
To contact any of the above personnel, please call 1-800-562-1268, or e-mail at