Ambassador Central

While we see all participants and volunteers as supporters and promoters of the Games, the Ambassador Program provides an official level of support.  Ambassadors are Athletes or Official Fans who promote the Games regularly and officially.  Short video trainings and email updates help Ambassadors stay current, and involved throughout the year as they promote the upcoming Games.  Athletes and Official Fans register each year for the Ambassador Program by simply logging in to their Ambassador Account with their Athlete/Fan username and password.  Those who complete a few basic requirements and report their efforts are recognized as Official Ambassadors for that year’s Games. 

Create an Ambassdor Account today and help us get the word out and get a little recognition along the way.

CardsAn easy way to promote the Huntsman World Senior Games is to talk about it with as many people as you can - both old friends and new acquaintances.  Once you've let them know about it, leave them with a card so they can easily remember and find the website to register.  You can download and print your own Huntsman World Senior Games Ambassador Business Cards today.  Just click below, download the pdf file, type your name in the text box and then print off as many or as few as you'd like using Avery 8859 Business Card Paper.  Easy...

Download and Print Business Cards


BrochuresAn easy way to get the word out to potential athletes is to share an Official Brochure with them.  Just request as many stacks of 25 brochures and you feel you can place at gyms, recreation centers, libraries and other locations.  Individual brochures that you hand out with a personal invitation can be even more effective.  Remember to report how many stacks of brochures you were able to hand out so you can qualify as an Official Ambassador.

Request Brochures



Think you’ve got what it takes to be an Ambassador for the Huntsman World Senior Games.  We do.  Download the Official Ambassador Packet to familiarize yourself with the requirements and to get ideas for how you can help the Games grow and continue to be the greatest event it the world.

Download Ambassador Packet



PostersIf you want to get the word out about the Huntsman World Senior Games, why not download and print a poster or two?  With permission, you can post them in high traffic areas such as gyms, recreation centers, grocery stores or anywhere that people might pass by.  We have several different options to choose from.  Click on the link below, choose your favorite or favorites and go ahead and post-a-poster.

Download and Print Posters