Games News

  • Bowling Officially Closed

    The participation cap for the Huntsman World Senior Games Bowling Event has been reached and Registration has been closed.  Just like last year the participation cap was reached in record time.  Registration for most of the other 27 sports remains open.


  • Radio Show Announced

    The Huntsman World Senior Games is pleased to announce that it is joining forces with Canyon Media/Fox News 1450 to produce a weekly radio show.

    The program, called The Huntsman World Senior Games – Active Life, will focus on topics of interest related to staying active throughout one’s life. “We ...

  • Pickleball is Closed

    Athletes interested in participating in the 2014 Huntsman World Senior Games Pickleball Tournament set a record pace for registration and in just 24 days surpassed the participation cap. The cap was originally set for 500. 

    "We're limited by the number ...

  • A Staff Experience: Small Bore / Airgun Benchrest

    On a cool, (okay, cool for St. George) clear Thursday morning in March, the staff of the Huntsman World Senior Games traveled to the Southern Utah Shooting Sports Park in Hurricane, UT. Our purpose was to learn about the sport of Small Bore/Airgun Benchrest

    Pickleball Updates

    Huntsman World Senior Games Pickleballers!

    Wow!  We’re less than three weeks into registration and we’ve already registered over 450 Pickleballers for this year’s Huntsman World Senior Games.  That’s incredible.  Remember that because of court space, we have to cap the event at 500.  If you haven’t yet registered, now ...

  • Athlete Registration Open

    Following the tradition of the past several years, Individual Registration opened at midnight, March 1.  Over the weekend, more than 300 individuals took advantage and registered for the 2014 Huntsman World Senior Games.

    "It takes a lot of work to ...

  • Games Featured in AT&T Documentary

    At the 2013 Huntsman World Senior Games, an AT&T U-verse film crew was on hand to document the Games from the athlete’s perspective.  That program is now airing on channel 600 and 1600 (in HD), for ...

  • Friendship Tour to Barbados

    Since 1987, the mission of the Huntsman World Senior Games has been to foster worldwide peace, health and friendship.  One of the programs the Games uses to achieve these high ideals is the ...

  • Nationals Announces Partnership with Post

    The National Senior Games Association is excited to announce its partnership with Post Shredded Wheat. They have designed a promotion and awareness campaign about Senior Games through a new demonstration sport campaign and a grant opportunity for athletes to compete in a 2014 qualifying State Senior Games. This campaign aims ...

  • Team Registration is Open

    Team Registration for the 2104 Huntsman World Senior Games is now open.  Teams are encouraged to secure their place at the Games early.

    “It’s been a tradition of the past several years to open Team Registration on January ...

  • Volleyball Schedule Updated

    A few weeks ago, we released our Official Schedule for the 2014 Huntsman World Senior Games.  Because of the growth of Volleyball at the Games and the limited availability of gyms, that schedule had a few changes when compared to the past several years. 

    Based on some valuable feedback from ...

  • Saturday Marks End of Games

    The Huntsman World Senior Games wrapped up on Saturday as the last volleyball hit the floor of the Dixie Center and the final point was scored.  The Games thanks all the Athletes, Official Fans, Sponsors and every Volunteer who helped make the Games possible. 

    Next year's dates will be October ...

  • Chinese Students Win Hearts and Respect at Huntsman World Senior Games

    Fourteen Chinese students lived the dream of coming to the United States—something a vast majority of their peers will never have the opportunity to do.  And they surprise many with their ability to communicate, connect and assist.  

    St. George, UT – October ...

  • Games Begin to Wind Down

    Another beautiful day at the Huntsman World Senior Games comes to a close with the last ball being served over the Pickleball net today. 

    Saturday's events include:


    The Gift Shop in the Dixie Center will be open until noon for those seeking last minute purchases.

  • Thrilling Global Cup Closes out Thursday

    The sun continues to shine in St. George, Utah, for the Huntsman World Senior Games and the talent shined on the Volleyball courts at the finals for the Global Cup - ...

  • Wednesday Comes to a Close

    The second Wednesday of the Huntsman World Senior Games ended as it began with mild weather and great competition.

    Thursday's competition includes:

    Basketball 5x5 - Men
    Shooting - Shooting - Shooting - Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays & 5 Stand
    Walking Tours

    Thursday also features ...

  • Concert & Celebration Raises the Roof

    A great day of competition was capped off by an incredible night of entertainment at Tuesday night's Concert & Celebration.  The evening began with a Chinese cultural presentation of Kung Fu by the Laizhou Academy of Martial Arts from Shangdong Province.  Youth from China performed feats of balance and strength ...

  • Monday in the Books

    The second Monday of the Huntsman World Senior Games closed out with a late night of Volleyball in the Dixie Center.  A few of the other sports contested today included Pickleball, Horseshoes and more Softball.


  • After a Day of Rest, Competitions Set to Resume

    Sunday was a day of rest from competition at the Huntsman World Senior Games.  Check in continued and longevity was recognized at the Endurance Awards where athletes who have participated for 15, 20 and 25 years along with the "hundred percenters" were ...

  • Week One Competitions End

    Week one competitions came to an end today, bringing a close to Basketball 3-on-3 - Men, Cowboy Action Shooting, Lawn Bowls, Racquetball, Soccer and others.  The first session in Volleyball will take ...

  • Sun Sets on Friday

    Thursday's rain was nothing more than a memory on Friday as competition continued at the Huntsman World Senior Games.  The sun was bright and the sports that were affected by yesterday's rain, including Tennis and Softball were able to stay on schedule all day.

    Saturday's competitions include:

    Basketball 3v3 - Men

  • Rainy Thursday Comes to Close

    Someone once sang that "rainy days and Mondays always get me down."  Well, sometimes it depends on the Monday, but rainy days during the Huntsman World Senior Games are always a downer.  The wet weather affected the Sports that take place outside, including Lawn Bowls, Soccer and Cycling.  For the ...

  • Weather Information

    Athletes should continue to check this webpage for updates on weather and how it will affect their schedules. We will update it regularly as information becomes available:

    Wednesday's Complete

    Even though the skies threatened, competitions continued on Wednesday without interruption.  With a chance of rain tomorrow, Athletes and Games organizers will continue to closely monitor the clouds.  Athletes are encouraged to also monitor the Games' website for information should delays occur because ...

  • Government Shutdown Opens Opportunities

    Huntsman World Senior Games Athletes may not see Zion or Bryce up close, but Park closures open opportunities to experience an amazing number of hidden natural wonders.  

    St. George, UT – October 3, 2013 – Imagine ...

  • Opening Ceremonies Cap Day Three

    After a full day of competition, Tuesday, October 8, at the Huntsman World Senior Games was capped off with an incredible Opening Ceremonies featuring singing and dancing, fireworks, an inspirational cauldron lighting and a great motivational speech by 8-time ...

  • Day Number Two Finished

    The second day of the Huntsman World Senior Games ended with a gorgeous sunset and the promise of a beautiful tomorrow.  Today was the first day of competition and it began in earnest with several sports kicking off including Softball, Track ...

  • First Day Complete

    The first Sunday of the Huntsman World Senior Games is traditionally the biggest day for check-ins and today was no exception.  Over 3,000 made their was through the check-in process, ...

  • Check Out the App

    Keep up with what’s happening during the Huntsman World Senior Games and beyond.  With a tap and a swipe you can access sports information and receive up-to-the-minute notifications and news from the Games.  Best of all, there’s GPS ...

  • Volleyball Schedules Available

    The Volleyball Schedules for the 2013 Huntsman World Senior Games are now available.  Athletes can access them by visiting the Volleyball Sports page or by clicking the link below.

    View Volleyball Schedules