Wednesday Comes to a Close

Wed Oct 10, 2012

Race WalkingCompetition came to a close on Wednesday with most Huntsman World Senior Games athletes enjoying continued good weather.  The exception was a small cloudburst that soaked a number of cyclists in today's Time Trial.  The weather is supposed to get a little cooler and possibly damper as the weekend nears.

"Rain is always a challenge," commented Kyle M Case, Games CEO.  "We're going to hope for the best and plan for the worst."

Archery - Target and Women's Basketball completed their schedules today as well as Race Walking, Power Walking and Track & Field.

Thursday continues with competitions in the following sports:

Archery - 3D
Basketball 3-on-3 - Men
Cowboy Action Shooting
Lawn Bowls
Road Races - 5K / Half Marathon
Softball - Men
Softball - Women
Square Dance
Table Tennis

Lawn BowlsHealthy Lifestyles Health Screenings continue to be offered for Registered Athletes and Official Fans in the Dixie Center.  For those looking to kick their heels up, the Western Dinner Dance takes place at the