Weather Information

Thu Oct 10, 2013

Athletes should continue to check this webpage for updates on weather and how it will affect their schedules. We will update it regularly as information becomes available:


10:42 AM - We are currenlty under rain delay for Tennis.  Please continue to check the link below for updates.

8:20 AM - We are anticipating playing all matches on the schedule today, but there is a one hour rain delay.  Continue to monitor the following link for updated schedules and times:


3:35 PM - All fields at the Canyon's Complex are back online and they are playing Softball.  Players are still encouraged to come to the Canyons Complex about 4 hours after their scheuduled games.  We'll go late tonight, but our goal is to get caught back up.  Thanks to Dan Needy, our Softball Director, and his crew of volunteers. 

1:09 PM - We will resume play for the games that were interupted by the rain at the Canyon's Complex at 3:00 PM.  The rest of the schedule will continue 4 HOURS behind the time listed on the PDF Schedule.  That means take your original game time and add 4 hours and you'll have the new game time.  It looks like it will be a late night, but we plan to get through all of Thursday's schedule so we can begin Friday as planned. 

11:14 AM - Play is still suspended at the Canyons.  ALL other fields continue on the normal schedule.

10:41 AM - Play is suspended at the Canyons Complex due to rain.  Please continue to check here for hourly updates as to when play will resume.

8:20 AM - We anticipate that we will play through all of Thursday's schedule.  Fields will be analyzed on case by case basis for playability, but as of this moment, games will be played as scheduled.