Rainy Thursday Comes to Close

Thu Oct 10, 2013

Someone once sang that "rainy days and Mondays always get me down."  Well, sometimes it depends on the Monday, but rainy days during the Huntsman World Senior Games are always a downer.  The wet weather affected the Sports that take place outside, including Lawn Bowls, Soccer and Cycling.  For the most part though, events were able to continue in a slight drizzle, or resume after a delay.  Softball play was postponed on the Canyon's Complex for several hours, but eventually resumed.  Tennis was disrupted by the rain, but was still able to complete 62 of the 74 scheduled matches.  A big thanks goes out to the Sport Directors who worked diligently to reschedule games and redraw matches.  Thanks to the Athletes who were patient with the changes.  The weather forecast for the duration of the week is for cool but clear weather.

Friday competition continues with:

Archery - 3D
Basketball 3v3 - Men
Cowboy Action Shooting
Lawn Bowls
Walking Tours