Pickleball Updates

Wed Mar 19, 2014

Huntsman World Senior Games Pickleballers!

Wow!  We’re less than three weeks into registration and we’ve already registered over 450 Pickleballers for this year’s Huntsman World Senior Games.  That’s incredible.  Remember that because of court space, we have to cap the event at 500.  If you haven’t yet registered, now is the time.

PickleballWe also wanted to clarify a couple of things so there is no confusion among our Athletes.  We have decided at this time not to sanction the 2014 Huntsman World Senior Games Pickleball tournament. There are several factors that went into this decision and it was not made lightly or without consideration for the effects on tournament operations and dynamics.  We have had a great relationship with the IFP/USAPA and we anticipate that relationship will continue.

The main reason revolves around referees.  For a tournament our size, it’s an incredible challenge to find enough willing and qualified referees to meet the requirements of the IFP/USAPA to have a referee at every single match.

That being said, please know that our intention is not to lower our standards.  Our goal always has been and always will be to run a fun, enjoyable, efficient tournament.  Understand, we are not abandoning referees altogether.  We have a strategy in place to address issues which arise during competition that necessitate involvement of officials. In fact, we’re modeling the procedure after systems that are used in other racquet sports (Badminton, Racquetball, Tennis, etc.), which have long and successful histories.

We believe this approach will improve tournament management and even improve some of the weaknesses of the current refereeing system. Referees will be provided for all matches preceding the Bronze Medal match as well as all medal matches.  Gold Medal matches will have a referee and line judges.  In addition, Roving Referees will be on hand to ensure that matches start promptly, are played without undue delays, and results are reported promptly at the finish of the match.  In the event that issues arise, referees will be available upon request based on recurring disputes or similar problems during a match.

This approach returns the responsibility for executing games to the players. The IFP/USAPA Official Rules address how players are to resolve line calls and faults, which we are accustomed to using in the play we all engage in outside of tournaments. We will have the added back-up of officials ready to intercede if necessary to address the occasional problem circumstances. 

There has been some concern expressed about insurance.  The Huntsman World Senior Games carries a general liability policy that also includes secondary Accidental/Medical coverage for all of the Games' Athletes, including Pickleball.  The coverage is very similar to that offered by the USAPA with secondary accidental coverage up to $25,000, Accidental Death & Specific Loss coverage up to $10,000 with a $250 deductible per claim.

While we posted to our Pickleball web page that this tournament would not be sanctioned, we recognize this may be a surprise to some of you.  If you have already registered, and no longer want to participate in an un-sanctioned tournament, please let us know in writing by April 1, 2014, and you will receive a full refund of your Registration and Sports Fees.

Even with these changes, the Huntsman World Senior Games Pickleball Tournament still acts as a qualifier for the National Senior Games.

We are confident that we will continue to provide a fun and satisfying tournament experience, as we have done in the past. We hope you will continue to join us.


Kyle M Case
Huntsman World Senior Games, CEO

This article was updated 03/19/14 at 1:30 AM to include insurance information.