2014 Games Schedule

Huntsman World Senior GamesCheck out the overall sport schedule.

2014 Huntsman World Senior Games Schedule (UPDATED 3/24/14)

Sport Schedules can be accessed from the various Sport pages or from the links below as they become available.

Sport Schedules

Badminton 2014 Badminton Schedules

Basketball2014 Basketball 3-on-3 Men Schedule 
2014 Basketball 3-on3 Women Schedule 
2014 Basketball 5-on-5 Schedule 
2014 Basketball 4-on-4 Schedule  

Bowling 2014 Bowling Schedule  (UPDATED 09/30/14)- PLEASE NOTE: This schedule has the potential to change based on cancellations.  Be sure to check back often to ensure you have the most updated information AND check at the Sports Den in the Dixie Center (1835 Convention Center Drive, St. George)  Schedules are also posted at the bowling houses Saturday, October 11, before bowling begins.

Cowboy Shooting2014 Cowboy Action Shooting Bible

Golf - Medal2014 Golf - Medal Schedule (UPDATED 09/30/2014)

Lawn Bowls2014 Lawn Bowls Schedules 

Racquetball2014 Raquetball Schedule  

Shotgun Sports2014 Shotgun Sports Squads (UPDATED 09/30/2014)

Shuffleboard 2014 Shuffleboard Schedules 

Soccer 2014 Soccer Schedules 

Softball2014 Softball Week 1 Schedule (UPDATED 09/30/14)- (Men - 60+, 65+ and Women - 60+, 65+, 70+, 74+) 
2014 Softball Week 2 Schedule (UPDATED 09/30/14)- (Men - 50+, 55+, 70+, 74+,79+ and Women - 50+, 55+)
Volleyball NOTICE:  Due to a family emergency, there will be a delay in posting the Volleyball Schedules.  We hope to have them ready to view by Friday, October 3.  We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause to our players, but also wish our Volleyball Director the best as she deals with this unfortunate situation.