Volleyball Session 2 2009 Results

Men– 55+ / 65+ / 73+

Men 55+ - Gold
Gold, Roof 55’s/Solar Safe, Surf City, CA
Silver, Spike Force 55, Northfield, NJ
Bronze, Kipper Snacks, St. Louis, MO
4th, Event Pro 55+, Olympia, WA
5th, Western New York, Rochester/Buffalo, NY

Men 55+ - Silver
Gold, Paleozoic, Albuquerque, NM
Silver, Cross Country 55+, Lampasas, TX
Bronze, I Saw Elvis, San Diego, CA
4th, Hot Java, Olympia, WA

Men 65+ - Gold
Gold, Outback Steakhouse-60 , Seattle, WA
Silver, Rustys 65+, Portland, OR
Bronze, Spike Force 65, Northfield, NJ
4th, Miami Valley Masters, Troy, OH

Men 65+ - Silver
Gold, Spoilers, Granby, CT
Silver, Third Ward-Buffalo Wings 65’s, North Tonawanda, NY
Bronze, Tukwila 65 #2, Tukwila, WA
4th, Dinosaurs, Chelsea, MA
5th, From All Over 65+, Plymouth, MN

Men 73+ - Gold
Gold, MacMagic 73, Rockville, MD
Silver, Spike Force 73s, Wilmington, DE
Bronze, Cool 73+, Sylvania, OH
4th, Chicagoland Masters 73+, Chicago, IL

Women– 50+ / 60+ / 70+ / 73+

Women 50+ - Gold
Gold, Pasadena Maverick’s “50”, Pasadena, CA
Silver,, Tucson, AZ
Bronze, Friends 50+, Denver, CO
4th, Queens Of The Court, Arlington, VA

Women 50+ - Gold II
Gold, Victorious Secret, Palo Alto, CA
Silver, Texas Heat, Lampasas, TX
Bronze, Duck!, Yellow Springs, OH
4th, Surf City 50+, Huntington Beach, CA

Women 50+ - Silver
Gold, Marv’s Drive In, St. George, UT
Silver, S’lamore, Oswego, NY
Bronze, Florida Theatrical Net Chix, Orlando, FL
4th, Bolivia, Springfield, VA 

Women 50+ - Bronze
Gold, All Heart, San Luis Obispo, CA
Silver, Mile High Hitters, Arvada, CO
Bronze, Midwest Plus, Kansas City, MO
4th, Oc Netwits, Garden Grove, CA 

Women 60+ - Gold
Gold, Pasadena Mavericks “60”, Pasadena, CA
Silver, Floor Play, Kenmore, WA
Bronze, Friends 60, Hemet, CA
4th, Great Expectations 60s, Arlington, VA
5th tie, Best Friends 60+, Santa Cruz, CA
5th tie, California Golden Girls 60+, Newport Beach, CA
7th, Tx Lady Bugs, Dallas, TX 

Women 60+ - Silver
Gold, Dixie Volley Chicks 60+, Metairie, LA
Silver, Beach Classics, Long Beach, CA
Bronze, Whatever It Takes, Chesapeake region, MD
4th, Colorado Relics, Loveland, CO
5th tie, Move It, Longmont, CO
5th tie, Valley Restoration Mustangs, Grants Pass, OR

Women 70+ - Gold
Gold, Texas Stars 70+, Crowley, TX
Silver, Shinkara Colorado Signals, Denver, CO
Bronze, Texas Kickers, Austin, TX
4th, Hot Flashes 70, Hemet, CA
5th tie, Western Wonders, Auburn, WA
5th tie, All Mixed Up, Madison, WI

Women 73+ - Gold
Gold, Hemet Hot Flashes , Hemet, CA
Silver, Michigan Movers, Warren, MI