Volleyball Session 1 2011 Results

Session 1 (Men) – 50+ / 60+ / 70+ / 76+

Men 50+ - Gold
Gold, RBC Life After 50, Winterset, IA
Silver, Western States Laguna, Laguna Beach, CA
Bronze, Adams Maxwell, Camarillo, CA
4th, Burgess, San Jose, CA
5th-tie, VFC Schwerin, Germany
5th-tie, Minnesota Masters, Minnesota, MN
7th-tie, Louisville Legends, Louisville, KY
7th-tie, Grey Wolves, Albuquerque, NM

Men 50+ - Silver
Gold, Monarchs, San Jose, CA
Silver, Outta Town, Phoenix, AZ
Bronze, Wilson Castaway, San Diego, CA
4th, Golden Spikes, Salt Lake City, UT
5th-tie, Hot Java, Olympia, WA
5th-tie, Cross Country 50+, Lampasas, TX
7th-tie, Curmedgeons 50, Lewisburg, PA
7th-tie, Ameriwest 50+, South Jordan, UT

Men 60+ - Gold
Gold, Roof 60+, Los Angeles, CA
Silver, Kings Mountain Fog 60+, Hanalei, HI
Bronze, Silverbacks, Ellicott City, MD
4th, Delaware Gold, Wilmington, DE
5th-tie, Desert Thunder, Flagstaff, AZ
5th-tie, GROG-60, Richmond, VA
7th-tie, Boomers 60s, St. Paul, MN
7th-tie, Living on the Edge, Indianapolis, IN

Men 60+ - Silver
Gold, Cleveland Vertically Challenged 60+, Cleveland, OH
Silver, Rusty’s 60+, Portland, OR
Bronze, Spike Force 60s, Northfield, NJ
4th, Busted Blockers, Denver, CO
5th-tie, Forever Young, Baton Rouge, LA
5th-tie, Santa Cruz 60, Santa Cruz, CA

Men 70+ - Gold
Gold, Outback Steakhouse 70, Seattle, WA
Silver, Mac Magic 70+, Eldorado, IL
Bronze, TeamSota 70, Minneapolis, MN
4th, Midwest VB70, Ann Arbor, MI
5th-tie, FROGS, Phelps, NY
5th-tie, MileHi Club, Denver, CO
5th-tie, Aa Adults Toy Storage 70’s, Denver, CO

Men 76+ - Gold 
Gold, Spike Force 76s, Wilmington, DE
Silver, Cool 76, Sylvania, OH
Bronze, Macnova, Sterling, VA
4th, Chicagoland, Chicago, IL

Session 1 (Women) – 55+ / 65+

Women 55+ - Gold Championship
Gold, ww Connect, Colorado Springs, CO
Silver, Novaspace 55+, Tucson, AZ
Silver, Sleepers, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Silver, Friends 55+, Denver, CO

Women 55+ - Gold Consolation
Gold, Spike Force Eh, Brantford, ON, Canada
Silver, U Go Girl, Austin, TX
Bronze, Queen City Bees, Cincinnati, OH
4th, Old Lady Volleyballers, San Diego, CA

Women 55+ - Silver
Gold, Astec 55+, Harrisburg, PA
Silver, Greatest Hits, Mechanicsville, VA
Bronze, Dixie Volley Chicks 55+, New Orleans, LA
4th, Bolivia, Springfield, VA
5th-tie, California Vintage, Palo Alto, CA
5th-tie, Butler 55’s, Butler, PA

Women 55+ - Bronze
Gold, Team Utah, South Ogden, UT
Silver, Puakenekene VBC, Hilo, HI
Bronze, Forget-Me-Lots, Reed City, MI
4th, Spikers 55+, Denver, CO
5th-tie, Volley Chicks, Flint, MI
5th-tie, The Flamingos, Las Vegas, NV

Women 65+ - Gold
Gold, Legacy, Kenmore, WA
Silver, TX Belles, Houston, TX
Bronze, California Golden Girls 65+, Aliso Viejo, CA
4th, Best Friends, Simi Valley, CA
5th-tie, Shinkara Colorado Signals 65, Denver, CO
5th-tie, Great Expectations 65s, Arlington, VA
7th-tie, Whatever It Takes, Chesapeake, MD
7th-tie, Nippon 65, Japan

Women 65+ - Silver
Gold, Alamo Stars, San Antonio, TX
Silver, Hits & Ms 65+, Tucson, AZ
Bronze, Dixie Volley Chicks 65+, New Orleans, LA
4th, Beach Classics, Huntington Beach, CA
5th-tie, Loveland Passers, Loveland, CO
5th-tie, Butler Cubs 65, Butler, PA