Global CupDirector: Mindy Case

Tournament Director: Sue Mailhot

Pool / Tournament Play - October 15 - October 18
8:00 am - 2:00 pm
Finals - October 18
Bronze - 5:30 pm; Gold - 7:30 pm

Men 50+, Invitation Only

Pool / Tournament Play - Dixie Convention Center - Exhibit Hall, 1835 Convention Center Dr., St. George
Finals - Desert Hills High School, 828 Desert Hills Dr., St. George

Accepted Teams for 2012

United States

USAV Rules govern play throughout the tournament, which will begin on Monday, October 15 and will culminate in the medal matches being played on Thursday, October 18. Pool play is free to watch and will take place in the Dixie Center. The finals will be held at the Desert Hills High School Main Gym with the Bronze Medal games starting at 5:30 p.m. Admission for the finals is also free. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend and cheer on their favorite team.

• 2011 – 2013 USAV rules will govern play.
• Net Height: Global Cup net will be at regular men’s height - 7’ 11-5/8”.
• Teams must have uniforms of identical shirts with permanent numbers 1-99 centered on shirt (minimum size:  4” on front, 6” on back). 
- Uniform numbers for each player must be identified to the championship desk prior to your match.  After first set, no uniform number changes will be allowed.
• USAV substitution rule will be in effect.  Twelve (12) substitutions will be allowed per team, unlimited per player.  A starting player in the set may leave and re-enter, but only in his previous position in the line-up.  More than one substitute may enter the same position in the set.
• The 2011-2013 USAV rules will be used in regards to jewelry.  Players may wear jewelry that is not deemed by the referees to cause a safety hazard.
• Teams will be allowed to designate two Liberos per match.
• First two days of play will consist of pool play followed by double elimination championship play.
• Only players who play on a team during pool play will be eligible to play on that same team during championship play. 
• The first two days will be round robin pool play.  All play will be best 2 out of 3 matches, 0- 25, 0-15 in deciding set.
• The third day of play will be the beginning of a double elimination bracket.  Some teams might only play one or two matches on this day.
• Teams entered in the Global Cup will NOT be required to provide officiating work teams.

Session 1 - Monday, Oct. 15
Location: Washington County Regional Park - Fairgrounds, 5500 West 700 South, Hurricane